A basic checklist for your first touring caravan purchase


James Holly

The purchase of a touring caravan is a substantial purchase. With a big decision such as this, some deliberation is needed so that you can be sure that you are making the right caravan choice.


Consider where you plan to travel You will need to consider different types of touring caravans depending on the road conditions you expect to encounter on your travels. Almost all caravans are equipped to handle regular road and caravan park use. Other touring caravans are designed specifically for use on gravel roads and uneven surfaces. Off road touring caravans have better suspension and stronger chassis to handle more easily on tougher roads. If you plan to travel to places off the beaten track, down narrower country roads, then a smaller caravan may suit your needs better. Larger caravans are harder to control on narrow roads and country trails. Have you considered your power needs?What about power options? The type of caravanning trip you plan to take will help you decide what kind of power options to consider. If you are planning on making use of caravan sites that come equipped with electricity supplies then a basic caravan will suit your needs. Those looking to holiday away from caravan sites should think about caravans that are fitted with significant solar or battery power options. Where do you plan to cook? Will you want to cook inside your caravan, outside or both. Most modern touring caravans these days are fitted with full ovens, hobs and microwaves. If you plan to cook mainly outdoors you can make a saving and do without these features. These features might not be required if you are mainly visiting caravan sites that have their own restaurants and the like. If you plan on only taking short trips then you may not need a full oven, but you may want to have refrigeration facilities instead. Size matters Think about how you will use your caravan, how many people will use it, and where you will store it when you are weighing up which caravan size to opt for. If you will be keeping your van in your driveway when it is not in use then ensure that you take a note of your driveway measurements to ensure your caravan will fit. If you plan on storing your caravan in a garage or lock up, then the height of the caravan will be another consideration for you.

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