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Sahara City Homes Solapur New High End Apartments}

Submitted by: Humayun Quaiser

Sahara City homes Solapur is another luxurious sequence of apartments set in the heart of the Pune city from Sahara Infrastructure located at Main Solapur Pune Highway Road, Solapur. The project lies in close vicinity to major landmarks of the city with city center at the distance of 7 km, railway station at 8 km and local bus stand at a distance of 5.5 kilometers.

At the same time Pune is also having excellent connection to Mumbai, Indian money investment. These are the some points which are improving the development of the town inhabitants and the size of the town too. The Sahara City Homes Solapur offers you the choice of 2 and 3 BHK apartments. The apartments are spacious which are spread in sizes ranging between 875 sq. ft. and 1224 sq. ft. There are total of 700 units that offer luxurious and comfortable life with the handful of features and amenities.

Pune is a town which is in the big requirements. Individuals want to stay this town because of its amazing features. This is become the liability of the town’s property designers to offer their customers the outstanding designs. Pune is become the hub of the IT companies and MNCs, which are providing their workers an eye-catching wage. At the same time, this thing also providing an excellent possibility to develop the property market in this town and all together this situation is also providing a task to the designers to designed outstanding development in the most cost-effective rates.

Thus, these folks always look for great end magnificent way of life. These experts prefer to have outstanding services at the door step. Further, these folks have large benefits always look for for a chance of investment in order to get greater rate of profits. Pune features are providing fantastic chance to these cash wealthy professional. These folks are always in look for of a wonderful position for living in, which can satisfy their all desire of day to day life and secondly this unique feature also impact the price rates of the Pune Real estate asset pune rentals are also hot spot for method and companies. Most of the real estate tasks of Pune are loaded with many super contemporary services, such as, share, team house, running track, child’s playground, and many other similar features to provide top quality magnificent way of life.Pune is also known for its wonderful and lovely environment. Pune is one of the sophisticated places where one can get both perception and contemporary customs; the designers populated in Pune features are looking after both societies in their every venture. The town is also providing fantastic chance of get lease income as many individuals are buying features to give them on lease to the learners who came here for greater research.

Sahara Infrastructure is a leading real estate company that has been established to satiate the increasing construction needs. The company is all set to achieve a pinnacle position in the Indian Real Estate. The Business House has a team of innovative minds and professionals that work hard to bring life to the masterpieces that are best in the market and are the trendsetters. With innovative engineering, great architecture and amazing finish, sahara city homes solapur pune of the company is first class definer. The company is moving ahead with the mission of complete customer satisfaction, quality construction and providing worth to your hard earned money.

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The Wide Range Of Legal Services Available In Phenix City, Al

byAlma Abell

If you’re trying to do estate planning so your assets are fairly distributed to your surviving family members, you’ll probably want the help of a financial advisor. However, you also may want to contact Legal Services in Phenix City AL. You see, planning for your future will take the services of both a financial advisor and an attorney. This is especially true especially when it comes to financial issues and estate planning.


A financial advisor can help you invest your money and help you plan for your family’s financial future in the event you were to pass away. A lawyer is going to help you to ensure your estate plan is legally binding. This will ensure that all of your assets and money are put into their proper places. When you do pass away, this will ensure the dissemination of your assets will go smoothly.

Many people think that a last will and testament will do the same thing. While there are certain benefits to creating a will, creating an estate plan is even better. Whether you’re creating a will or an estate with trustees managing and disseminating your assets, all of these services are going to require the use of Legal Services in Phenix City AL.

In addition, if you find that your preferences have changed and adjustments need to be made to your will or to your estate, a lawyer will be able to take any changes that you deem necessary. They will ensure that those changes are legally binding as well. This makes for a lot less confusion when it comes time to provide your beneficiaries with what you’ve intended.

There are many other reasons why you may want to Contact Phenix Legal. This law firm handles real estate law, personal injury cases, disability, criminal law and business law, just to mention a few. Regardless of what situation you’re in, if you have questions that involve legal matters, this is the law firm to contact in order to get the answers that you need. They can provide you with the representation that you may require in your particular situation.

Accounting The Three Main Functions Of Accounting

By Uchenna Ani-Okoye

There are three main functional areas of accounting which need to be considered in modern day accountancy for any business. The three areas are, cost, finance and management accounting.

The first area, financial accounting, is used mainly for ascertaining the results of any such business on a periodic basis, for i.e. 6 months. This should as a result; help the company determine the future course of action, in the long term. From an economic perspective, financial accounting treats money as a factor of production.

Management and cost accounting are apparatus used to help management make decisions on a day to day basis. Management and cost accounting arent useful simply for their own sake. These two functions help management conduct themselves along with other vital factors involved in the running of a business. Other key factors could be supply, demand, competitors, availability of raw materials, logistics etc.


The second area is cost accounting, its primary purpose is to attain the value of direct and indirect costs involved in production. From the value acquired, management can make an informed decision on improvement in production performance. From an economic perspective, cost accounting is the measurement of economic performance. Thus, this information gives management a clearer indication of the performance of the product resources in the business.

Costing also helps the sales manage in setting the correct price. But, because costing is solely a measurement of economic performance, it can not be considered as an accurate basis for setting prices. This is because selling prices is more of an economic decision. It would not be wrong for me to mention that pricing is basically determined by market factors. Prices are influenced mainly by demand, supply and competition, less on costs. For i.e. high demanded plus lack of competition would result in the business charging higher prices for its product, well above the costs.

The third area is management accounting, which is related closely to cost accounting. Although it has essentially evolved from cost accounting, management accounting plays a much broader role in management decisions. It measures the performance, economically, of the whole business, vis–vis the economic environment that the business operates in. This area of accounting, seeks to combine both financial and cost information into a much broader function.

Lastly, management accounting, this area is instrumental in advising and assisting management in making vitally important business decisions. It essentially makes management more self aware of the economic implications and consequences of decisions made. From an economic perspective, it looks at the study of money as an economic resource, while at the same time, treating it as a measure of economic performance. This allows the management to measure it as an economic factor of production, for i.e. the rate of return on capital employment. You can find more information and resource links on accounting by visiting:

It is then seen that accounting plays a vital role in three distinct areas, which are equally as important. With the advent of computerised accounting, it has made it much easy for management to monitor the accounting information. Financial accounting software, allows you to make financial statements and various cost and MIS statements almost instantly with just one push of a button, the only laborious aspect of accounting is data entry. A financial manager must bring it upon himself or herself to make sure that meaningful data is input into the system. Proper categorisation must be done and all key based errors avoided, in order to ensure management is receiving accurate financial information.

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For more information and resource links on accounting visit:

Accounting For Dummies


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I Feel Like My Husband Doesn’t Love Me Anymore 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

By Susan Willis

Only a wife who no longer feels loved by her husband knows what it is like to spend the whole night with someone and yet still feel cold and lonely. Being with a man who does not seem to love you anymore can really feel like you are already living your life alone. Sure, the two of you still share a house, financial concerns, and maybe children – but your lives are basically being lived apart.

Living in what feels like a loveless marriage is in many ways harder to bear than being actually single. Of course, actually getting a divorce and living alone means facing a number of harsh realities. But, when the love seems to have left a marriage, you have to ask yourself: why go on in your marriage? And: is there any way to get the love back?

If you find yourself saying to yourself or friends, “I feel like my husband doesn’t love me anymore,” here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you still love him?

Of course, with this and each of the other questions posed below, it is very important to be 100% honest with yourself. Now, here goes: do you still love your husband? If you do not love him but just feel you should be married because it is the thing to do, you need to seriously examine whether your marriage is worth saving.


2. Has he done anything to make it impossible to respect or trust him?

If your husband has done one or more things – such as cheating on you, being physically abusive, or draining your family’s savings to feed a gambling problem – to make it impossible to respect or trust him anymore, your relationship already may be past the point of no return.

3. Do you suspect he is distracted by something outside the relationship?

Sometimes, a lack of interest in a marriage on the part of the husband or wife is due entirely to outside factors not related to the marriage itself. For example, if your husband is having financial problems, challenges at work, or is having health-related issues, he may come across to you as being much less warm and loving than he otherwise might be.

4. Does he have interest in sex, even if it is not with you?

One way that couples keep the momentum of their relationship going strong is by maintaining a healthy sexual relationship. If your husband has lost interest in your mutual sexual relationship, one question you should be asking is whether he has lost his sex drive overall, or just with you. If you believe that he has lost his overall sex drive, it could be a sign that he has a condition called Low T or low testosterone. Or, he could have depression problems. Both of these issues have nothing to do with you.

5. Does he have friends and other outside interests that make him happy?

Apart from his seeming relative lack of interest in your relationship, does your husband have other areas in his life that make him happy? For example, does he have hobbies, friends or activities that put a smile on his face? If not, one of your husband’s problems could be just a general lack of excitement about life or even depression (see above). Getting him to take the time to enjoy himself a bit more could do wonders for your marriage.

Based upon your answers to these 5 questions, you probably have a better idea now about where your relationship is and what other potential causes there could be in your husband’s seeming lack of interest in your marriage.

Now, if you still feel you want to fight for your marriage, it is time to get an action plan together to revive the love in your marriage.

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What The Difference Between Commercial Contracts And Leases Vs. Residential?

Commercial Property Contracts and Leases

Contracts written on commercial property differ slightly from those for residential properties:

Commercial Property Contract Differences

A residential contract is not appropriate to use for commercial purposes, because there are certain things that commercial buyers and sellers want to do that the standard residential contracts may not include, such as:

• Delayed deposit

• Particular documents from Seller • Extended inspection periods • Specific representatives and warranties • Closing commercial considerations • Brokerage fees

Tip: Always use a special commercial contract that provides for these major differences.


Delayed Deposit

In a residential contract, the deposit check is customarily attached as a gesture of good faith and to demonstrate the ability to complete the deal. Apparently, commercial sellers aren’t nearly as influenced by this custom. In commercial agreements, the deposit is usually received within two or three days after signing the contract. This gives everyone a chance to sign, so you don’t have several deposit checks floating in and out of escrow accounts all over the county.

Almost all commercial real estate investors use delayed deposits. If you are making an offer on a property, you write the contract and prepare the offer. Where the contract says Deposit, you enter whatever amount your deposit is going to be and say that it will be posted with the seller’s nominee.

The deposit is usually sent within three business days of all parties signing; in case contract negotiations take two or three weeks. Commercial sellers consider this standard operating procedure. However, there may be an occasional commercial business proposition, resulting in a signed contract with no money deposited.

Documents from Seller

As part of the commercial property contract or lease agreement, the seller must submit certain documents to you within a specified time, after the contract is executed, such as:

• Engineering plans, drawings, surveys, and artist’s renderings

• Economic and financial studies relating to the property

In the event that you do not purchase the property for any reason other than Seller’s default, you must return all information to the Seller, together with any information that you may have compiled with respect to the property.

Inspection Period

Your commercial property contract should also state that you have an inspection period-a free look. This period is to allow you to conduct different types of inspections and pursue any lines of inquiry for the next 60, 90, or even 120 days-whatever it will take to get the job done. During that period, whatever deposit you submitted is not at risk. The inspection period starts when the Seller delivers the documents you requested. That way, your due diligence clock doesn’t start immediately, which gives you sufficient time to address important issues, like environmental factors.

This period is extendable, so always ask for extensions. You are determining the usability of the property and may decide not to buy it. Therefore, you must be able to give notice of termination of this agreement at any time prior to the expiration of the inspection period or any extensions. If you decide to terminate the agreement, all deposits must be returned to you.

You may extend this inspection period for up to three 30-day periods without asking for the Seller’s permission. However, you must give the Seller advanced written notice before the end of the inspection period, together with an additional deposit.

Stay tuned for more, as we will follow up with part 2 of Commercial Contracts and Leases in an upcoming article.

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Gary began his real estate career in Honolulu in 1966, selling land and homes as head of one of Hawaii’s largest brokerages, and has now sold and leased real estate in Idaho, Virginia, Puerto Rico and Florida. For the last 30+ years Mr. Tharp has been one of the leading commercial investment real estate brokers in Orlando, Florida and a nationally known mentor. Gary is widely regarded in commercial real estate, having developed tools and systems of commercial property evaluation that have become industry standards used by professionals nationwide. He is in demand by lawyers seeking expert witnesses in real estate cases. With development experience ranging from office buildings to industrial parks, Gary is Florida Partner for the Lynxs Group, national developer of air cargo facilities, Fellow of the faculty of the CCIM Institute, and Board of Advisors with HIS Real Estate Network, commercial real estate buying group.Author: Gary Tharp

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