La Caja Asadora vs. La Caja China: Price Matters


Mathew Masters

The first thing most people who have owned a

La Caja China Roasting Box

notice when they build their new

La Caja Asadora

(Spanish for

The Roasting Box

) is just how alike they look. In fact, they are very difficult to tell apart from their size and components. Both brands offer a

48 x 24 x 20

standard model. Both units come with an interior drip pan, two stainless steel racks for the pig or other meat, four stainless steel hooks to secure the racks together, an ash pan that seals the caja china box at the top, and a charcoal grid that goes above it. Both roasters are also easily portable, with front wheels and long handles. Because both are the same size and share their components the cooking times are also very similar, with a typical whole pig roast taking approximately four hours to complete. Both brands offer their


caja china style cooker

with a metal interior lining, and wood exterior.

So as you can see, the essential elements of this

caja china

s (or

Cajun microwave

) grills are the same. Now let s outline the differences. Included with your

La Caja Asadora

are also cooking mitts and a marinating syringe, which do not come included with the

La Caja China roasting box

, and will typically cost


when purchased separately. And the other and most important difference the price of the box itself.


La Caja China #1 model

retails for


. The

La Caja Asadora

of the same size is


. That s a $125 difference. It s hard to justify paying over 60% more for a pig roaster of the same size, with such similar components strictly for the name on the side. Both brands also offer a full line of accessories, including covers, remote meat thermometers, top grills, rotisseries, cookbooks, marinades, and more. There is a reason that

La Caja Asadora grills

are gaining a larger and larger share of the caja china market, and the reason is price, price, price.

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