London Police seize massive gun cache

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In raids that were part of Operation Mokpo, police seized a massive weapons haul from a suburban house.

Officers from Britain’s Metropolitan Police arrested a 55-year-old man after two houses and a business were raided in Dartford, South East of London.

The firearms include hundreds of shotguns, semiautomatic guns and automatic weapons.

Operation Trident officers and Polsa (Police Search Advisor) search teams carried out three search operations early morning though majority of weapon was found in a three bed room house.

“This is the biggest firearms haul we have ever had,” Det. Chief Superintendent Kevin Davis said. “Guns are mounted on every available wall space in the property and live ammunition was found lying on the floor.”

A simultaneous operation is underway in New Jersey, USA.

This was the biggest success for Operation Mokpo, launched 18 months ago after a series of shooting by rival gangs in North London.

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