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Ultimate Guide To Youtube Free Music: Best Country Songs

Exploring The World of Youtube Free Music

Youtube has become a global hub for all things media, including a vast array of free music. From indie bands uploading their first tracks to mega-stars releasing their latest chart-toppers, there’s something for everyone. However, in this article, we’re going to focus on one particularly popular genre: Country music. We’ll explore how you can benefit from the wealth of country music available for free on Youtube, and point out some of our top picks for the best country songs you can find on this platform.

Why Youtube Free Music?

Many wonder why use Youtube to listen music when there are so many other dedicated streaming platforms out there. The answer lies in its simplicity, accessibility, variety, and cost. Anyone with an internet connection can access millions of songs from around the world, including a mind-boggling range of country music. Furthermore, Youtube is entirely free to use.

Your Gateway to the Best Country Music

Fans of country music are particularly well served by Youtube. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of classic country, a country rock enthusiast, or a follower of the latest country-pop crossovers, there’s something for you. Using Youtube’s search bar, curated playlists, and recommendation features, you can discover new artists, explore different sub-genres within country music, and stumble upon rare recordings that aren’t available elsewhere.

The best part is, with Youtube’s comment sections and share features, you can participate in dynamic communities of country music lovers. Connect with fans from around the world, discuss your favorite songs, and even bond over your mutual love for an under-appreciated country classic.

Title Name Unveiled: Best Country Songs on Youtube

If you’re new to the genre or simply looking for some recommendations, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best country songs available on Youtube:

  1. “Jolene” by Dolly Parton
  2. “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash
  3. “The Dance” by Garth Brooks
  4. “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton
  5. “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw

These classics represent some of the finest country music has to offer. However, remember that music is deeply personal and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to taste. Explore, enjoy, and expand your musical horizon with Youtube’s free country music offerings.


Youtube is more than just a site for viewing funny cat videos and game streamers. It’s a global music platform with an impressive range of free music. If you’re into country music, then Youtube is truly a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. From golden oldies to the hottest new releases, the best country songs are all just a click away. Dive in and let the music play!

How To Choose A Multi Room Music System

Submitted by: Jeff O\’shea

It is next to impossible to find people who don’t like listening to music. But, it is much easier to come across with people who adore music. This article is dedicated to all those people who eat, drink and sleep music.

Rhythmic sounds are considered pleasing by one and all barring few exceptions. Common sayings such as “the harmony of the spheres” and “it is music to my ears” entirely explain my point. This is the reason as to why so many singers, musicians are flourishing on professional platform just by following their hobbies, which is either singing or playing some musical instruments.

There are innumerable electronic devices available in the market through which one can listen music like radio, television set, mobile phone, computer, music systems, iPod etc. You may use any of the aforementioned devices but the effect that a music system creates is unparalleled. Music system not only enables you to hear the voice of your favorite singers in the best sound quality, but also makes it possible to listen music from every corner of the house.


A special occasion or celebration seems lifeless in the absence of the enchanting sound of music. To hold a party without music is unimaginable. In a party bash, guests are mostly entertained by loud and fast music, which is suitable for dancing and enjoying to the fullest. On other occasions like when you are just whiling away your time, you can listen some slow notes which are soothing to ears. Whole-home audio system allows you to get pleasing waves of sound anywhere in the house- the bedroom, the backyard, the kitchen, the bathroom

Obviously, for listening music you would never like to grapple with the problems of fitting wires all around the house, which is actually the case with many music systems. But then you do have the option of buying a wireless music system. Most of the wireless networked music players require some software or WiFi connection. That problem can also be avoided by picking up that system which runs without relying upon any software. So enjoy the multi-room wireless music without any hassles! All you need to do is just plug in and start playing.

Companies provide you with choice of Wireless Transmitters, Wireless Speakers and Receivers. So you don’t need to have any complicated set-up. With technological advancements, we have such transmitters present in the market that can send signals as far as 150 ft. So the system will play music in up to 5 areas of the home simultaneously. Auto-link technology, which allows the transmitter and receivers to link automatically, is a big hit among the customers.

While selecting a Wireless Audio iPod Speakers , make sure that there is no problem of configuring it to a wireless network. A good iPod is a combination of superior design, performance, and value. So do remember to judge your iPod on these three counts.

Really, right kind of innovation can do wonder in your life. Listening music was never so easy. Selecting the best wireless music system and iPod speaker is not at all a difficult task. There are only a few products, which possess all the features that we have discussed so far, and choosing from those few is not a tough job.

About the Author: The article has been written by an expert working for Eos Multi-Room Wireless Audio.Website:


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Using Beat Maker Software To Learn How To Make Beats

By Mike Custalow

Have you ever wanted to learn about beat maker software, so that you could produce your own music? Whether its musical talent you lack or funds, these main hurdles can intimidate any aspiring beat maker. I’ve met more then a few musically talented people in my life that just can’t afford all the expensive equipment that’s needed for creating music. With all the overnight advancements in technology and growing number of software options, the stepping stone to music production just got a whole lot cheaper.

If you’re anything like me then you really love music. That’s probably why you ended up here in the first place. Maybe it was that one show you went to, or that bad-ass scene in a movie, or a song on the radio that got you amped. Whatever the case, you’re at least a little curious about beat maker software and making your own beats. If you’re like many other people just starting out, you maybe worried about how expensive this new hobby is going to be and if you can afford it. With computers being what they are today, now all it takes is a little inspiration and drive. Although previous experience with music will help you greatly, its no longer necessary to spend months learning music theory.


The first thing that you should know about beat maker software, is that the learning starts before you even buy anything. It starts with listening. Now there’s a difference between hearing music and listening to it. Those of you that have certain songs that give you chills know what I’m talking about. Listen to every part of the song. Try and isolate every instrument in your mind. Take apart the whole song and notice how all the layers of the beat fit together and work with each other. Once you start doing this it becomes easier to create your own beats. Now go back and listen to all your favorite songs and I guarantee that you’ll hear things you never heard before.

Right now you may be starting to wonder where you can pick your own beat maker software but not have to pay thousands for it. You may or may not have already done some searching and found a ton of options for equipment and software. Finding them is the easy part, finding one that’s within your budget? Pardon me while I lol. It’s not the amount of choices for programs that make me laugh, but how many of them are beyond affordable. Almost like music production is some elite club that only those with extra money to burn can be a part of it. Well, not anymore. Thanks to computers and beat maker software the need for studio space, time, and even money, has been greatly reduced.

If you’ve done your homework, then you already know there are some great beat maker programs out there. However not all of them will allow you to produce studio quality music. There’s one that I just started using recently that I’m having a lot of fun with. I never even made it through the first video tutorial before I was messing around with the program and making music. Now I’ve been a big fan of music my entire life, but the thought of making my own was something I would always get to “When I had the time or money”. With the beat maker software that I’m using right now, I’m making beats that are making some of my friends jealous. I let some of them in on my secret and most of them are making better beats than me in way less time. The best part is that it cost me less than $50!

Hopefully after reading all this, you’re still pumped to get started making music. Just remember that when you first start making your own beats, that its not always going to be gold. Take criticism in stride and use it to hone your craft as a beat maker. If you do pick up some software, contact me and send me a sample of your beats. Like I said I’m a fan of music, so I would love to hear them. Good luck, and go make some music!

About the Author: Evan Wright Learning how to make your own music is now easier and cheaper than ever thought possible. If you’re still interested in making your own beats, then check out this site. Its what got me started.

Beat Maker Software!


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Top Three Tips On How To Sell Guitars In Chicago

byAlma Abell

Guitars are incredibly versatile instruments, but not every guitar is right for every person or every type of music. Some musicians may find that the guitars they have are ill suited to their developing style, indicating that an upgrade or switch is in order. While shopping around for a new instrument can be a lot of fun, it can often be a bit harder to unload the one you are no longer playing. Here are the top three tips on how to sell guitars in Chicago.

Consider A Third-Party Reseller


Selling you own belongings can be incredibly time consuming and difficult. Some people find it hard to get a fair price, or to reach an audience interested in their items. When it comes to selling guitars, it’s a good idea to think about using a third party vendor. Pawn shops, brokers, and even gold and coin resellers will often buy and sell used guitars. They’re a great resource, as you can still get a fair price for your used guitar without the hassle of finding a buyer on your own.

Invest In New Strings

Before you bring your guitar to a potential buyer, invest in a new set of strings. Keep the guitar tuned as well. This will showcase the best part of the instrument, its sound, to the prospective buyer. Old strings, or an out of tuned instrument simply won’t have the same impressive nature to it, even if all other aspects are considered equal. It’s well worth the small investment in new strings to obtain a higher value for the instrument overall.

Get An Appraisal

Before you sell your guitar, it’s a good idea to have it appraised first. If you are thinking about using a third party vendor, you may be able to have it appraised and sold at the same location. While an appraisal isn’t the same thing as the value you are guaranteed to get for the instrument, it can give you a good idea the overall cost of the guitar, helping figure out a fair price.

For more information about how to sell guitars in Chicago, contact Chicago Gold Gallery at

Give Your Music Passion A New Height Through Dubstep Fl Studio Pack

Give your Music Passion a New Height through Dubstep FL Studio Pack



Modern technology has changed the living scenario. Almost everything has been making use of technology, whether they are computers or any digital device. If we talk about Internet, it has brought a drastic change in our lives. We can shop online, listen to music, find information and download software according to our wish through Internet only.

All these changes have affected the music world. Music, a passion symbol, lets our feelings and emotions flow through our words and sounds of musical instruments. Whether these feelings are of joy or sorrow or love or hate, it drives the human souls. People who keep the passion for music can bring changes in the world through their music only.


From the past decade, people are so much involved in music which has led to its marvelous growth. This growth has brought up various changes in the music. Remix music is one of the best examples of these drastic changes which have come up today. The original version of the song can be edited to form a remix song. These changes can be done making changes in the speed and tempo or by changing the pitch of singer s tone.

For this remixing, many software have come up in the market.

Dubstep FL Studio Pack

is one of them. This pack is the most affordable and powerful music for the producers. It helps users of any experience, whether they are professional technician or are music passionate to produce remixes and thrilling music.

Every time, when discussion on multi track recording starts FL Studio s name comes first in everyone s mind. This highly professional software is satisfying people a lot by music creation. Their usability and music editing characters have become popular in the studio and hobby artists. Its formal name is Fruity Loops. It can be used as virtual studio technology instrument as it is digital audio workstation. Moreover, its different editions are also available. Fruity edition, FL studio express, signature bundle, mobile, FL studios producer edition and free demo are its few editions. Apart from all this, it has three versions with ranging plug-ins like Edison, dashboard, maximus and deckadance. It also provides various sound processing effects like pitcher, vocodex, juice pack, patcher and gross beat.

For reliving tension, you can have a collection of various songs. You can even build up a sound library. This can help you a lot at the time of client dealing. Moreover, you will get inspired for building up your own creativity for making freaking sounds. FL studios producer edition is the standard edition available with the fruity edition s characteristics. You can use it on different Operating Systems like windows XP, Vista and Mac. For its efficient work, huge space and RAM is required. One should try it once through its demo version as it costs much. After you have used it, you can purchase one if it satisfies your requirements. For more information regarding this, you can surf Internet and give your passion for music a new height.

Make your songs interesting with

FL Studio 11

. Now Get 10% discount on all FL Studio editions as well as any other products offered by Image-Line. You can also download demo version of FL Studio.

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How To Profit From Competitive Price Intelligence

byAlma Abell

It is important to understand that retail competition isn’t just about getting the prices of your competitors and then reacting. Competitive price intelligence is about gathering information, spotting trends and developing strategies and insight. This will ultimately help you set the best pricing and help you reach the top in your industry.

One thing competitive price intelligence will do for you is to help you calculate profits and decide on the optimal pricing. Everyone realizes that the right price is essential, but most people don’t know how to get to that optimal price. Price intelligence will help by providing insights that are gained while the data is analyzed.

It will also help you by charting how often competitors change their prices. This can be important information; you will be able to see how many times per day or week the prices are changed on comparable products. This can help you start finding patterns and incorporate those patterns into your own business strategy.

Competitive price intelligence software will also help you find out about your competitor’s stock cycle. This can be extremely beneficial to you. Know when your competition runs out of stock and gets new stock in; while they are currently out of stock, you should have those products in stock and consider raising prices.

The price intelligence software will also be able to tell you the competition’s promotional prices. It won’t just say that the item is on sale, but it will collect data as to what items are on sale and what those prices are. It will even give you the price difference and percentages so that you always know their prices.

Competitive Price Intelligence could help you understand the retail competition giving you invaluable insight into the market. Contact Price Manager today for info.

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